About Us

I grew up in the pasture--the pastures my kids love to explore today. I walked these pastures with my grandfather, Lindsey Sanderson, Sr, who inherited this farm from his dad, Henry Almond Sanderson. My dad, Jeffrey Sanderson, inherited it, and now, I work with my dad and my family to build our farm into a cattle business we can pass onto the fifth generation. My goal is to build great cattle, while building a business that allows my kids to live this lifestyle we all love.

Like my dad, and my grandfather, I'm a veteran. I'm proud to say I'm retired from the military, and I currently work in the Toyota business, plus raise cattle on our farm near Pintlala, Alabama, in Montgomery County.

I'm building my seedstock herd, and testing our genetics on our commercial cattle, to give my kids the opportunity to live on this family farm without having to work in "town."

The cattle I'm working to raise thrive in the Alabama heat, with slick black hides. The females are feminine, but with a deep bodied frame to pass on some size to their calves. When it comes to bulls, I look for breed-leading EPDs, with focus on low birthweight and explosive weaning and yearling weight EPDs.

Contact Us

If you want to check out our cattle, or just talk cattle, give us a call, or drop us a line.

4644 Powder Springs Dallas Rd #1819
Powder Springs, GA 30127